Clarance Mamombe

The Power of Brand Collaboration

Playboy runs a lot of promotions with Stolichnaya Vodka (“Stoli”). For example, they brought in mixologist Eric Bugosh (of The Spare Room in Hollywood) to show how to make the Moscow Mule cocktail, with the assistance of Playmate Kim Phillips. The Facebook video for this received over 190K views.

It’s a simple 1:50 minute long video that focuses solely on the making of the drink. What makes this work? The major elements are similar to those that made the Red Bull — Danny MacAskill video work:

Playboy’s large-scale audience – on their website and across social platforms
Relevancy of the content to the audience – nightlife/spirits are part of their DNA.
Stoli’s recognizable brand
The non-commercial nature of the content – it’s truly content, not an ad.
The appeal of all three of these elements to Playboy’s audience

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